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Summer Term 2020
Seminar: Privacy and Data Ethics in Times of Big Data and AI – Journal Club Philosophy and Ethics of Design and Technology
Lecturer: Rainer Mühlhoff
(Information on Covid-19: The seminar will be held online. Please pay attention to current information in the ISIS course. If you have questions please contact Rainer Mühlhoff.)

Lecturer: Sabine Ammon, Peter Remmers
(Information on Covid-19: The seminar is cancelled.)

Winter Term 2019/20
Seminar: Robotics and AI: Can we design moral machines? - Journal Club Integrative Science and Technology Studies
Lecturer: Sabine Ammon, Peter Remmers, Wenzel Mehnert
Seminar: Robotics and AI: Ethical and Social Challenges
Lecturer: Sabine Ammon
Ringvorlesung:  Erkenntnis und Methode: Einführung in Theorie und Geschichte der Wissenschaft und Technik
Doctoral Course: Ethics and Technology (Politecnico di Milano)
Lecturer: Sabine Ammon, Gerrit Rössler
(Information on Covid-19:
The seminar is cancelled.)
Winter School Ethics and Neuroscience: Ethics of AI (Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin and Berlin School of Mind and Brain 2020)
Lecturer: Sabine Ammon, Jessica de Jesus de Pinho Pinhal, Martina Vortel


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